Washroom stickers: Skin care and hand hygiene program

22 September 2017

To keep our hands healthy, Americol has developed a skin care and hand hygiene program.

The product range consists of protective creams, hand cleaners, foam soaps and restore creams that are tailored to skin condition, contamination and hand wash frequencies. Americol produces and distributes the right products for every application. The convenient color coding on the Americol packaging show at a glance whether the products are for pre-work skin protection, skin cleaning and care or after-work skin care.

In support of this program, Americol supplies stickers with recognizable icons to promote compliance with good skin care and hand hygiene.

Schedule your appointment for product training by calling us at +31 (0)75 - 631 32 44. The washroom stickers are available free of charge for our distribution partners.